Club Evening 10

We are starting immediately after the South Eastern Road Club so please be there ready to roll by 7.30.
Details of Parking later.

G10/38 OS Ref 485557
Start in Chevening Road B2211 at southern gatepost of metal field gate100 north of the Haven Cottage & 600yds north of Sundridge Traffic lights. Proceed north to Star Hill RBT. Straight on (2nd Exit) follow A224 up Polhill to Badgers Mount RBT. (3rd Exit) still on A224 to M25 Link Road RBT, at junction with A21 (5.29 Miles). Sharp left, (1st Exit), down Wheatsheaf Hill to T junction with London Road (Old A21) CARE.
Left to Badgers Mt RBT. Straight on (3rd Exit) down Polhill to Star Hill RBT. Straight on (2nd Exit) to finish at TP9, about 400 yards north of bridge over M25 and approx. half mile short of start.