Club History

On June 22nd 1934, thirteen prospective Nomads met at the “Old Barn” in South Wimbledon. They were: Jack and Alec Baker, Roy Newton, Eddie Vowdon, ‘Tubby’ Kentesher, Fred Aldred, R Wilby, Alan Sproat, Fred Boxall, C Wheeler, A Evans, Norman Marsh, and Larry La Roche, who became the first club secretary. They had all been members of the Ravensbury C.C. and were unhappy with the way it was being run.

The title chosen for the new club was ‘Nomads’ C C, but there was already a club with that name in Rickmansworth, so the prefix ’34 was added and the ’34 Nomads became the accepted name.

Within a year the club was promoting open time trials, with a 50 being organised early in 1935.

However it was the Sunday runs that were the mainstay of the club. Every weekend there was a run starting from Clapham South, with a runs list appearing in the regular monthly club magazine.

Over the years ’34 Nomads members have competed at International level on Numerous occasions. Tony Alston has compiled a list of those of whom he has a record. We hesitated to publish the list as almost certainly somebody will have been omitted. THIS IS NOT DELIBERATE. If you see a mistake please let us know and we will add to the list. Tony was living in Wales for a period during the late sixties/early seventies, so there may be gaps at that time. We are sure there are some rides at the Worlds that have been left out. We know that Nick Barnes rode in the World Championship Road, but we are unsure of which year that was.


1955.        World Championship Cyclo Cross                    Paddy Hoban

1956.        World Championship Cyclo Cross                    Paddy Hoban and Don Stone

1957.        World Championship Cyclo Cross                    Don Stone

1958.        World Championship Road Race                     Ernie Scally

1968.        Olympic Games Team Pursuit                           Ron Keeble

1971.        World Championship Team Pursuit              Ron Keeble

1972.        Olympic Games Team Pursuit                          Ron Keeble

1972.        Olympic Games Tandem Sprint                      Dave Rowe

1973.        World Championship Team Pursuit              Rik Evans

1974.        Commonwealth Games Team Pursuit         Rik Evans

1975.        World Championship Team Pursuit              Rik Evans

1975.        World Championship Sprint                               Dave Le Grys

1976.        Junior World Championship Team Pursuit Glen Mitchell

1978.        Commonwealth Games Team Pursuit            Glen Mitchell, Tony James, Pete Hamilton

1979.         World Championship Team Pursuit                 Sean Yates

1979.        World Championship Individual Pursuit        Sean Yates

1979.        World Championship 50 Km Points.                  Glen Mitchell

1980.        Olympic games Team Pursuit.                              Glen Mitchell, Sean Yates

1981.        World Championship 50 Km Points.                  Glen Mitchell

1981.        World Championship Road Race                          Sean Yates

1982.        World Championship Woman’s Sprint              Sue Lee

1982.        Commonwealth Games Team Pursuit               Pete Hamilton

1984.        Junior World Championship Road Race           Simon Cope

1985.        World Championship Team Time Trial             Tim Stevens

1986.        World Student Games                                                Steve Marchant

????        World Championship Road Race                            Nick Barnes.


Well that’s it. Tony awaits your corrections and additions with interest.