Evening 10

Wed                    4   June     Ten Mile            G10/38              19.30 hrs Club 10 5th June 2014
1st Tim Stevens 23.30
2nd Debbie Percival 28.19
3rd Matt Singer 30.18
PTT Steve Cavey 24.30

The forecast for the day predicted rain, in the end it didn’t rain but it was windy and very cold.
Tim was only seven seconds slower than last time, both Matt and Debbie went back half a minute or so.
The Private Time Trial rider is Steve Cavey (not Steve Cave) and rides for Catford CC Banks.
Thanks to Richard for putting out the signs and more importantly collecting them after the event, Pete for doing the pushing off, Paddy and Richard as Timekeepers minders.
Brian Smith was the official car park photographer and Ron was fully occupied as mobil screen washer squirter, complete with grandchildren.