Evening 10

Wed                    16 July     Ten Mile            G10/38             

1 Nick Gasson 23.03
2 Tim Stevens 23.25
3 Richard Payn 25.06
4 Norman Hinkley 25.51
5 Kevin Austin 26.48
6 Julian Stock 27.45
7 Matt Singer 28.46
8 Mike Gasson 31.43
9 John Percival 33.35

Our biggest field of the year and the warmest evening as well. The evening started with a spectacular fly past of Ducks, arranged to thank Pete for saving a ducks life at the recent event on the G10/57, when the severe flooding saw all the riders start up to their hubs in fast flowing water (about an inch actually but that didn’t sound dramatic enough).

Pete was once again pusher off, with numerous spectators eagerly watching his “one hand under the saddle” style of starting the riders. The spectators were Paddy Bowe, Ron Keeble, with Kerry, Ethan and Louis, Dennis Rolf and Simon Foster, back for the first time for at least twenty years. In among the riders was Julian Stock (now living in Colchester) who hasn’t raced for five years or more and whose last club event was probably about the time Simon last rode and Jan was the official photographer.

Congratulations to Nick with almost a 22, Tim for turning out having just returned from holiday watching the Tour, and climbing mountains, Richard for coming third, Norman for getting within 45 seconds of Richard on his first ride round the course, Kevin for improving on his last ride (one second!), Julian for his first race for years, Matt for yet another course PB, Mike for starting no.1 and John for his last minute decision to ride.

It was great to see Julian and Simon again, all we need now is to find out where Garfield currently resides.