Evening 10

Wed                  18 June     Ten Mile            G10/57               20.00 hrs Prompt
18th June 2014 G10/57
1 Tim Stevens 20.54
2 Nick Gasson 21.03
3 Stuart Hourigan 21.42
4 Richard Payn 21.54
5 Hanna Roberts 25.44 PB
6 Matt Singer 26.05 PB
PTT Chris Batch 22.46
A lovely evening, fairly calm. The Redhill , who followed directly after us, kindly put out the signs and Nomads provided the marshals.
Suzanne, John, Charlie and Ant were our super marshalling team and Pete was pusher off. The burst water main near the start did provide a few problems (one of the Redhill was washed away and had to be fished out by a lad on a tricycle and Pete had to rescue a duck that didn’t show any gratitude at all, nipping Pete on the nose when he tried to give it the kiss of life.
Super ride by Tim, with Nick only a few seconds behind, and congratulations to Hanna and Matt on PBs. John and Richard managed to fit a new Campag block to Matts wheels using various washers and mysterious bits of metal, a tight fit but it worked well.
The next Ten is on 2nd July on the scenic Polhill course, once again meet at the School Car Park.
In case your wondering, yes, it was THE Chris Batch from years gone by.